dan flavin(1933~ , usa)

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Monument for V. Tatlin_1966

Corner Piece_1987

Untitled(to Ellen aware, my surprise)_1975



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bing-bang, 2009 ; photogram ; 24 x 30 cm

In 90 seconds the light travels more than 5 billion times 5 meters.
Here, it created a black point on the photo paper.


Ex. big-bang

 1. Prepare a photo paper and a laser measurer in a dark room.

2. Define a distance between the photo paper on the wall and the laser measurer.

     (For example 5 meters)

3. Leave the laser beam of the device on for a while.

     (For example 90 seconds)

4. Calculate how many times the laser beam crosses the space of 5 meters

     between the device and the photo paper during the 90 seconds.

     Given that the light travels two hundred and ninety-nine million seven hundred

     ninety-two thousand four hundred and fifty eight meters per second,

the equation is :

                      x = ( 90(sec) * 299 792 458(m/sec) ) / 5(m)

big-bang(study), 2009 ; pencil on tracing paper ; 25.9 x 36.3 cm

big-bang(study), 2009 ; pencil on tracing paper ; 25.9 x 36.3 cm

joelle tuerlinckx(1958~ , belgium)

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cristal times_2009_maquette

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