sight(2012, israel)

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graduate program at the Bezaleal academy of arts, Israel

Daniel Lazo:
Eran May-raz:
Hanan Revivo:
Boaz Bachrach:

Eric Lerner

Ori Golad
Deborah Aroshas

Animated Starry night by:
Petros Vrellis,


The Hunger Games(usa, 2012)

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ROSS, Gary : The Hunger Games, usa : Lionsgate, 2012, 142 min.

Minority Report(usa, 2002)

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SPIELBERG, Steven : Minority Report, usa : DreamWorks, 20th Century Fox, 2002, 145 min.


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In Minority Report, Tom Cruise draws information from a glove-controlled interactive wall(Photo credit Twentieth Century-Fox)

Information is often confined to paper or computer screens. SixthSense frees data from these confines and seamlessly integrates information and reality. With the miniaturization of computing devices, we are always connected to the digital world, but there is no link between our interactions with these digital devices and our interactions with the physical world. SixthSense bridges this gap by augmenting the physical world with digital information, bringing intangible information into the tangible world. Using a projector and camera worn as a pendant around the neck, SixthSense sees what you see and visually augments surfaces or objects with which you interact. It projects information onto any surface or object, and allows users to interact with the information through natural hand gestures, arm movements, or with the object itself. SixthSense makes the entire world your computer.

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