gilles barbier(1965~ , france)

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la tong_2010

monde en forme de tong_2010




interessant, mais trop narratif pour mon gout

interessee a la recherche d’autres mondes


ceal floyer(1968~ , pakistan-born, british formation, berlin-based)

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light switch_1992-9

overhead projection_2006


Ceal Floyer’s clarity of thought and the elegantly concise presentation of her ideas resonate through all areas of her practice. The deceptive simplicity of the work is informed by Floyer’s particular sense of humour and an awareness of the absurd; her use of double-takes and shifting points of view forces the viewer to renegotiate his perception of the world. Floyer often uses everyday or readymade objects, exploring the dialectical tension between the literal and the mundane, and an imaginative construction of meaning.

françois morellet(1926~ , france)

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francois morellet_2005

masque king tape, autoportrait de francois morellet_1985

L’esprit d’escalier, Aile Richelieu, escalier Lefuel, Louvre_2009

L'avalanche n°1_2006


geometree n93_1985

arcs de cercle complementaires_geometree n5_1983

superposition d'une surface exposable avec cette meme surface basculee a 5°_1977

claude closky(1963~ , france)

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아주아주 재미있는 놈

이 시대, 이 환경에서 뭔가를 찾고 있는데, 그게 나하고도 상관 있을 것 같다 – 연구대상

Toutes les façons de fermer un caisse en carton_1989

cecile bart(1958~ , france)

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Farandole pour Vitry_2006

J.R.S. & Co_2008


marina abramovic(1946~ , yougoslav)

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breathing in and breathing out with ulay_1977

expanding in time_1977


relation in time_1977

The Artist is Present_2010

the artist is present with ulay_2010


문제적 인물

what is performance art?

The Artist is Present.

martin walde(1957~ , austria)

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the web_2006

Where Am I?

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