standard of space-time

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standard of space-time (prototype), 2008 ; paper roll, print on adhesive ; 3.8 x 280 cm

This time, I addressed the size of the images recorded by the video camera,
whose width to height ratio was 4:3.
To give the visual equivalent of a millisecond,
I defined the width of an image as 2,8 cm,
and put the 25 images on a band of paper
leaving a gap of the same width for each missing millisecond.
I thus obtained a band 28 meters long representing one second,
creating a standard of space-time.

I also made a case for this space-time standard
using the proportions of the screen (4:3 and 16:9).


paper second

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a long second(paper second, prototype), 2008 ; ink on paper

I also retranscribed this video capture of one second on a band of paper,

which gave me a physical approach of the video

and its looped form.

a long second

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a long second, 2008 ; projector, DVD player ; variable dimensions

I filmed, for a period of one second,
a chronometer calibrated in milliseconds.

The video camera speed was 25 images per second,
so it could not capture all one thousand milliseconds in one second.

I then compensated for the missing milliseconds between the captured ones,
by inserting one black frame for each missing millisecond.
The original one second became forty seconds.

This video is played repeatedly.


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prise(socket), 2008 ; 330 different photos, print on transparent sheet ; 13.8 x 7.2 x 3.8 cm

3 prises

330 different photos of a power socket, printed on transparent sheet,
and assembled to obtain the same dimensions as the real object ;
each photograph carries a number, corresponding to the recording time (330 photos ≒ 30 minutes)
Installation of the research made from a power socket
: moldings, photos, video projection and documentation
Projection of a video animation from 330 different photos of the power socket,
26 seconds in a loop, next to a real power socket on the wall.

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